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Areeza Delivery in Ocean

Our dedicated team will drop your Areezas in the ocean every Friday. We will keep your Areezas completely confidential, we will not be reading them. We will only be dropping your Areezas, never reading any contents so you can be sure your prayers only reach the 12th Imam (A.S.).


Monthly NewsLetter will be publishing monthly newsletters soon with news and updates from around the world.


Tree Plantation

We are dedicated to the green movement, and want to do our part in keeping the Earth green and clean. We undertake treen plantations in various countries to make the environment less polluted and healthier for the future generations. Please try to plant more trees wherever you can and you can contribute in your own way in making our Earth cleaner.


Sponser Haj

You can sponsor a Haj for someone on behalf of a loved one who is deceased, or cannot go due to health reasons. We will send someone in need who does not have enough resources on your loved one's behalf.

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